Troubled by Missing Teeth? Rebuild Your Smile Naturally with Dental Implants

Your smile can make a lasting impression on those you meet. That’s why missing teeth should be replaced quickly. One of the best ways to rebuild your smile is with dental implants. Implants can replace one tooth, several teeth, or all your teeth if they have to be pulled out due to periodontal disease. For quality dental implant restorations in the Salem, Oregon area, contact Dr. Shruti Jadeja from White Sage Dentistry.

Negative Impact of Losing Natural Teeth

Losing permanent teeth poses challenges with how you eat, speak, work and socialize. Tooth loss can make you feel embarrassed or inferior about your appearance, making you lose confidence in yourself. A negative perspective about yourself can impact your career and social standing. Physically, tooth loss can make it hard to eat or speak clearly. You’ll smile less often due to unsightly gaps in your teeth. Dental implants can resolve these issues and restore your quality of life.

A Modern Dental Reconstruction Option

Implants are today’s answer to replacing lost teeth. Although dentures and bridges have their place, implants offer the most incredible teeth restoration benefits. Implants look and function very much like natural teeth, enabling you to eat normally, speak clearly, and smile with confidence again. While dentures and bridges only replace your missing teeth, implants replace your teeth with their roots to give you prosthetics that mimic all the qualities of your natural teeth.

With implants, you get:

  • Stable, secure replacement teeth that won’t slip or slide when eating, speaking, laughing, or singing
  • Strong, long-lasting restorations that can restore your chewing power and clarity of speech
  • Replacement teeth that look every bit like natural teeth to restore your smile beautifully
  • Restorative teeth that stimulate bone growth, just like natural teeth, keep your jawbone from deteriorating
  • Prosthetics that stand on their own without support from natural teeth, so you don’t have to worry about compromising healthy teeth

Rebuild your smile for life with dental implants! To schedule a consultation for implant treatment, contact Dr. Shruti Jadeja from White Sage Dentistry in Salem, OR at (503) 877-1626.