Restore Your Tooth Damage with Conservative and Tooth-like Composite Dental Fillings

Patients with minor tooth decay should fix it before the problem becomes bigger, requiring more costly and invasive dental restorations. Cavities start as small caries formed as bacteria secrete acidic substances that erode your enamel. When you don’t treat your cavities, they grow into bigger pits that require dental crowns or root canal therapy to save your tooth.

You don’t have to let dental cavities wreak havoc on your dental health. White Sage Dentistry uses tooth-colored (composite) fillings to treat cavities. With our natural-looking dental fillings, you will have a cavity-free smile without compromising the natural aesthetics of your smile. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

What to expect during composite filling treatment

Before And After Teeth

Tooth decay treatment with composite resin is pretty fast and painless. After numbing your treatment area, the dentist drills out the decayed part and cleans it thoroughly to eliminate any traces of harmful bacteria. Next, we fill out the cleaned portion with composite resin in layers. Your dentist then uses curing light to harden the material.

Before letting you leave, we make a few adjustments to your treated tooth to ensure your bite feels normal. Finally, we polish your filling for a natural-looking, shiny finish. After treatment, the only aftercare tip is to avoid chewing or eating until the anesthesia wears out. You may bite your tongue or cheeks if you chew with your mouth still numb.

Benefits of composite fillings

A few decades ago, dentists could only treat tooth cavities and decay with amalgam fillings. While these silver-colored fillings work, they have safety and aesthetic concerns. Dr. Shruti Jadeja and other like-minded dentists use composite fillings to fix minor tooth damage because they have numerous benefits, like:

  • Safety — white fillings are biocompatible (contain toxic-free materials)
  • Aesthetically appealing — white fillings are virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth 
  • Conservative — we only remove a small portion of your tooth when treating it with composite resin
  • Versatile — they can treat cavities and tooth decay in front and back teeth

Would you like to restore your smile with composite fillings in Salem, OR? If yes, please dial (503) 877-1626 to book an appointment with the team at White Sage Dentistry.