Implant Dentistry, the Most Natural Tooth Loss Remedy

If you’re thinking about replacing lost teeth, consider implant dentistry. Implants are a natural tooth loss remedy as they look, act, and feel like natural teeth. Implants replace both the crown of your tooth (the visible part that shows) and your tooth roots to restore your smile’s appearance and tooth functionality. A dental evaluation by Dr. Shruti Jadeja from White Sage Dentistry in Salem, Oregon, can determine if implants are a viable option for you.

About Dental Implants

Implants provide everything you could want from a replacement tooth – natural appearance, performance, comfort, longevity, and more. Whether replacing one tooth, a couple of teeth, or all your teeth, there are implant options to meet your needs. 

Implants function like natural teeth because they’re surgically embedded into your jaw to replace your lost tooth root. Over the next three to six months, they integrate into your bone system, becoming a permanent foundation to support your new prosthetics. Single implants with a porcelain crown can be used to replace individual lost teeth. An implant-supported bridge can be used to replace multiple lost teeth in a row, and implant-supported dentures can replace all your teeth using all-on-four implant technology.

What to Expect from Implants

If you’re looking for a long-term tooth loss remedy, you can’t do better than implants. The implant itself can last the rest of your life, while quality prosthetics can last 10 to 15 years, depending on their proper care and use. You can expect implants to:

  • Look every bit as natural as your remaining teeth due to being custom-designed for your use
  • Provide maximum chewing power due to their durability and stability
  • Act like tooth roots in stimulating bone growth to keep your jaw and face from sagging
  • Perfectly fill the gaps left by missing teeth to keep adjacent teeth from shifting
  • Restore clarity of speech
  • Fit in smoothly with remaining natural teeth without posing a risk to their health or stability
  • Meet all your tooth replacement needs

Implant Dentistry near me

To learn more about our implant treatments, contact White Sage Dentistry in Salem, OR, at (503) 877-1626.

Shruti Jadeja DDS

Dr. Shruti Jadeja

Shruti Jadeja, DDS graduated from dental school in India, her home country, where she practiced dentistry for three years before moving to the USA in 2010. She worked with a great researcher at the UCLA School of Dentistry in Oral Biology and studied at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. After living in California and Colorado, she moved to Oregon, where she has been providing compassionate, high-quality dental care for patients from the community.

Dr. Jadeja’s goal is healthy, happy smiles for all patients in and around Salem, Oregon.