Fluoride Treatment, Additional Protection Against Cavities

Using fluoride toothpaste when you brush is one way of keeping your teeth strong and healthy. Fluoride treatments allow children and adults prone to cavities to get extra protection against decay. Fluoride treatments protect the enamel of your teeth, making your teeth less susceptible to decay and damage caused by plaque and tartar buildup. At White Sage Dentistry, Dr. Shruti Jadeja offers fluoride treatment for kids and adults in Salem, Oregon, and surrounding communities.

About Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments offer a quick, easy means of protecting your teeth against cavities. The treatment comes in the form of a varnish, gel, or foam, which is applied to your teeth using a swab, brush, or tray. Traditional fluoride treatments don’t eliminate decay. They help prevent it by forming a protective barrier around the enamel of your teeth to keep bacteria and decay from penetrating your tooth chamber and damaging your blood vessels and nerves. Dr. Jadeja only takes a few minutes to apply fluoride to your teeth. A few minutes of your time can help preserve the health and beauty of your smile. Fluoride treatments can also reduce tooth sensitivity to avoid discomfort when you consume hot or cold foods and drinks.

SDF Dental Treatment

Silver Diamine Fluoride, aka SDF treatment, is an antibiotic liquid that your dentist can apply to your teeth to manage decay and keep it from spreading. Usually, decay is treated with a dental filling. SDF treatment offers a non-invasive, alternative means of stopping decay and is generally reserved for children who develop cavities in baby teeth. It’s a less intimidating way to combat cavities.

Top Benefits of Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments can benefit children, teens, and adults in the following ways:

  • Protects natural teeth against cavities 
  • Restores vital minerals to your teeth
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity
  • Provides natural means of preventing decay
  • Saves you the expense of getting dental fillings for cavities
  • Preserves your oral health and the integrity of your teeth

To schedule an appointment for fluoride treatment at White Sage Dentistry, contact Dr. Shruti Jadeja in Salem, OR at (503) 877-1626.

What is fluoride treatment and why is it important for dental health?

Fluoride treatment involves applying a concentrated fluoride solution to the teeth, which helps to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. It works by forming a protective barrier around the enamel to keep bacteria and decay from breaking through. This treatment can significantly reduce the risk of cavities and promote overall oral health as well as reduce tooth sensitivity.

Who should get fluoride treatment? 

Fluoride treatment can benefit patients of all ages who are at risk of developing tooth decay. This includes children, teenagers, adults, and older adults, especially those who may be more prone to developing cavities.

Is fluoride treatment safe for children?

Yes, fluoride treatment is safe for children and is often recommended for them as it helps to strengthen their developing teeth and protect them from cavities. We will determine the concentration and frequency of the fluoride treatment based on a number of factors to ensure the treatment is safe and effective for your child.

What are the different types of fluoride treatment?

Fluoride can be applied directly to the teeth in the form of a gel, foam, or varnish. We may apply it to the teeth using a brush, swab or tray in a quick process that only takes a few minutes. We may also recommend Silver Diamine Fluoride, or SDF treatment, as a non-invasive alternative treatment to stop decay, especially for children with cavities in their baby teeth.

Do I need fluoride treatment if I use fluoride toothpaste?

While fluoride toothpaste provides some level of protection, we often recommend that many of our patients still consider professional fluoride treatment. Fluoride toothpaste helps strengthen teeth and prevent cavities, but professional fluoride treatments provide a higher concentration of fluoride, offering additional benefits. Our fluoride treatments also reach areas that may be missed during regular brushing and can provide an extra layer of protection.

Shruti Jadeja DDS

Dr. Shruti Jadeja

Shruti Jadeja, DDS graduated from dental school in India, her home country, where she practiced dentistry for three years before moving to the USA in 2010. She worked with a great researcher at the UCLA School of Dentistry in Oral Biology and studied at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. After living in California and Colorado, she moved to Oregon, where she has been providing compassionate, high-quality dental care for patients from the community.

Dr. Jadeja’s goal is healthy, happy smiles for all patients in and around Salem, Oregon.